• 334 SW 30 Road, Miami, FL 33129
  • +1 305 521 3290
  • info@reachinsideout.org
  • Needed Donation: US 4500000 - Collected Donation: US 150
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Causes that need your urgent attention

Reach Inside Out, a non-profit organization created to fulfill a dream that will become a reality with your support. As per the National Center for Education Statistics, more than six million children receive special attention and education in the United States.

Reach Inside Out will be the first special needs work and sports center created in the State of Florida to provide new opportunities for individuals with special needs to stand out on their own and achieve anything they could possibly dream off. Research has demonstrated that when these individuals are provided with the adequate tools, they can develop their unique skills and abilities; which will allow them to improve their lives to its fullest.

We understand making a difference in the lives of millions of individuals with special needs is no easy undertaking and it will take a lot of time and hard work, but we are up for the challenge and we have to take steps… we must start now!

If you want to make a difference and want these children to have a life with dignity, then this cause is for you! There are many ways to contribute donating, volunteering, or sponsoring as we aim to become the first sports and work facility created and specialized in developmentally and mentally-disabled individuals. You can start now! A main sponsor, Plug Into My Life, will donate part of the proceeds of its product sales towards our center.
Support the cause now and contribute to this reality!


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