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Reach Inside Out Foundation

Welcome to Reach Inside Out Foundation where we work hard towards granting the needs of Individuals and families with Special Challenges. Thank you for touching other people’s lives by supporting our Foundation.

The main purpose of this foundation is to offer our participants and members an opportunity to stand out on their own and achieve anything they could possible dream off. Research has demonstrated that when individuals with special needs are provided with the adequate tools, they develop their unique skills and abilities; they can improve their lives to its fullest!!!

Meaning of Our Logo

Our logo was designed by an individual who emerged from the Autism World as an inspiration to tell others about her feelings when emerging through words and colors.

REACH was chosen to embrace the whole Autism spectrum.

INSIDE was chosen as a meaning of being trapped, and is represented by the black color, closed circle and small white letters inside.

OUT was chosen as a meaning of freedom and it is represented by colors and big letters in different directions opening into a new world.

Reach Insideout Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on not only improving the lives of people with special needs but also on educating their families, caregivers and teachers. The main purpose of this foundation is to offer to these individuals an opportunity to stand out on their own and achieve anything they could possible achieve. Research has demonstrated that when individuals with special needs are provided the adequate tools they need to develop their unique skills and abilities, they can fully improve their social, emotional and cognitive development.

Our program’s goal and maximum vision is to provide individuals with special needs physical, educational and therapeutic interventions combined with pleasure which are currently not being covered by their medical insurance, nor provided by a governmental entity, school or community program.

People with special needs include those with physical, mental and or medical disabilities. Our services will be offered to individuals with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Sensory Integration Disorders, Speech and Occupational disorders, and Physical and Neurological disorders.

Along with this goal, H2O Academy, My Therapy Gym and Work4 Me are organizations where individuals with special needs and their families can attend for free swimming lessons, free occupational, physical, behavior and educational therapies, and jobs to enhance the lives of those specially gifted with their unique talents! We are also seeking to offer free music, sports and counseling, free evaluations, support groups, general and medical information, and many related services, the ones that will provide better quality of life and opportunities to succeed to our members. In conjunction with other organizations, educational and medical institutions, community programs and parents/family members/caregivers, we can attempt to create consciousness regarding the needs that these individuals and their families have.

Financial challenges are one of the most difficult areas to overcome when trying to obtain services, diagnosis and treatment for many of these individuals. Our best way of helping will be to provide assistance with some of these financial challenges by giving some of the services that are needed to these individuals. The more crucial factors that hold back these individuals from achieving their goals are lack of educators, lack of funds, lack of resources and lack of “time”. As time goes by, without the proper funding and without trained personnel to deal with new challenges, the opportunities for individuals with special needs become more limited and the frustrations becomes greater, limiting them to be successful and independent.

It is imperative for us to try to constantly help parents, caregivers and teachers to obtain training, information, materials and appropriate settings were individuals with special needs can obtain an opportunity to develop a life with independency, happiness and quality.

Reach Insideout Foundation intends to not only provide assistance with the services mentioned above, but to also create a community filled with encouragement, leadership and support through our indoor facility, our website and our personalized assistance.

Please take the time to visit our website and register on it so you can receive free information and be notified when we have special needs events!

Reach Insideout Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c3) corporation (H2O Foundation) and all donations are Tax Deductible. Any suggestions, comments and/or ideas as welcome. Please go to our Contact Us section and feel free to send us an email. We will be sure to respond as soon as possible.