• 334 SW 30 Road, Miami, FL 33129
  • +1 305 521 3290
  • info@reachinsideout.org
  • Needed Donation: US 4500000 - Collected Donation: US 150
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H2O Swimming Academy


H2O Swimming Academy will be the first indoor swimming facility completely designed for people with special needs. One of our objectives is to host the Special Olympics in the City of Miami.


H2O Swimming Academy offers the best swimming experience for your loved ones or yourself. We believe swimming is not only a necessary but healthy lifetime activity. Introduction to water instruction and sports should be relaxed, safe and taught with patience. Because every person is unique and their needs are different, we feel they learn best in small classes. We specialize in private and semi-private lessons to meet the needs of the individual participant. In addition to our innovative private lessons, we also offer group lessons and Parent/Child water adjustment courses.

Whichever is your need, H2O Swimming Academy is dedicated to help each participant become water safe and begin their enjoyment for a life-long sport. Our teachers offer fun, yet structured instruction, which allows each participant to become relaxed and comfortable in a friendly and safe environment. They receive specialized training including the teaching of swimming to all ages and abilities in-group and private settings and CPR and First Aid. Instructors are closely supervised and must attend weekly staff meetings for continuing teacher education.