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  • +1 305 521 3290
  • info@reachinsideout.org
  • Needed Donation: US 4500000 - Collected Donation: US 150
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H2O Swimming Academy

Goal H2O Swimming Academy will be the first indoor swimming facility completely designed for people with special needs. One of our objectives is to host the Special Olympics in the City of Miami. Experience H2O Swimming Academy offers the best swimming experience for your loved ones or yourself. We believe swimming is not only a


Work4Me primary goal is to be the best working facility to offer training skills, job opportunities and recreation services to individuals with special needs who after graduation from high school are often forgotten or neglected due to their lack of social skills or abilities to perform daily assignments. Work4Me is a center geared to favor

My Therapy Gym

My Therapy Gym main goal is to assist people with special needs to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle while assisting it’s participants to reach and retain a high level of fitness, dignity and self-worth. Members will be able to increase their independence and improve any physical, sensory and developmental challenges they might need. This facility