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Estela Serrano


Estela Serrano is Reach Inside Out Foundation’s Co-Founder/Director


As the parent of a child who suffers from severe Autism, Estela has been involved in the community helping and providing support to families, teachers, children with Autism and anyone who requires some kind or support or guidance for over 20 years. As you might know, one out of every 46 kids suffers from Autism in the US and the numbers keep on rising every year.

She was a swimming instructor for the past 21 years and in competitive swimming since 1979. In 1989, she began teaching and coaching swimming. She has extensive experience in swimming instruction methods and as pro-swimmer, teacher and coach she understand the importance of teaching kids with disabilities how to swim.

Due to her Son’s challenges and lack of services for children who are not so mildly autistic or suffer a higher degree of intensity in any other disability, she started a dream… the dream to create a Sports and Work facility so individuals like her son Sean and others, could have a better chance to succeed and be treated with dignity in this world.

In the past 6 years Estela has been working really hard in the creation of Reach Inside Out Foundation which will provide individuals with different disabilities an opportunity to open their minds, create, enjoy, and live a better quality of life with new opportunities to succeed. No matter what your challenge is, not only Reach Inside Foundation but all of its their affiliates will do the best to offer all the benefits possible to each member in order to succeed! She is a firm believer that DREAMS DUE COME TRUE if you work hard for them….

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